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Knut Remond

- Lives and works in Berlin.
- In February 2008 he started ohrenhoch, der Geräuschladen in Berlin-Neukölln.
- 2007 Two compositions for X-Quartett (Basel): MarsMonksVehicle and The Cry of the Ancestors. Premiere in Krakow, Poland.
- Performance "Ghost Observatory" "Geisterobservatorium" with Ghost Ball at the Open Space Festival for Free Arts in Berlin, 2007.
- Video Sketch rebel_angel with the dancer Iris Sputh.
- 2006 Starting the Video work Hochzit va Himmel und Hell / Marriage of Heaven and Hell.
- 2005 Multimedia Happening Hochzit va Himmel und Hell / Marriage of Heaven and Hell for tape, soprano voice, baritone voice and two stilt dancers. With texts by William Blake, translated in Valaisan dialect. Performed at the mineral mine Lengenbach, Binn valley, Valais, Switzerland.
Composition, choreography, direction: Knut Remond
Production: Kunstberg

- 2003 Foundation of "Kunstberg", for the production and encouraging of special happenings in places that we have to keep alive as cultural and thus living spaces.
- 2003 Paris: On the way with the Video Camera. Experimentations with picture and sound.
Video Productions "SUPER SONIC" and "cou-cou"
- d e e p structure performances with Francisca Näf Vosnjak (Soprano), Knut Remond (imagineering portable set, composition) and Volker Jaussi (light throw-ins)

- Physische Körper
(1999/2000): Composition for chamber orchestra for the Dance ensemble Cathy Sharp (TECS), Basel.
First prize award 2000 by the City of Basel.
Performed at Kaserne Basel on 25-28 april 2001 by the cosmics ensemble and TECS.
- d e e p structure Première at Escher-Wyss-Platz underpass in Zürich 23 Oct.1999:
together with La fabbrica illuminata per soprano e nastro magnetico (1964) by Luigi Nono; directed by Knut Remond. Soprano: Kornelia Bruggmann
OÛ SONT LES IROQUOIS? WHERE ARE THE IROQUOIS?: Installation and performance at Kaskadenkondensator / Warteck Basel,within the context of "revenir de Montréal-back from Montreal"
cowmeditation , cosmics vol.2 (1996): Electroacoustic composition for violin, viola, violoncello, double-bass, bass clarinet, bass flute, piccolo, harpsichord, big drum, wind machine, metal chain, handcymbals, cowbells
- Lectures at Binn/Binntal: Organisation with Jörg Lenzlinger. Nature - Art - Science.
With Bernadette Lerjen-Sarbach, Ruedi Schinz, Stefan Schmid, Ellen Milnes, Karl Zbinden, Mileva Josipovic, Jörg Lenzlinger, Knut Remond
- Geräusche und die Geister (noise and the spirits) Lecture in Binn about the composition "cowmeditation" , texts from "Metaphysische Montagen"
- Metaphysische Montagen: Thoughts, "texts" on a compositional way of processing of electroacoustic music in " cowmeditation, cosmics vol.2"
- Signers Koffer (1995): Film by Peter Liechti about Roman Signer, artist. Music composed by Knut Remond
cosmics: Intensive research and experimentations with techniques of composition of electroacoustic and computer music
Voice Crack + Borbetomagus, New York (1991-97): Knut Remond (Big drum, imagineering portable set), Norbert Möslang, Andy Guhl (cracked everyday electronics) . Jim Sauter, Don Dietrich (div. saxophones and electronics), Donald Miller (prepared electr.guitar)
- Feuerlein ist vorbei, Geistlein tanzt herbei: Installation. Material: coal (old fire site), white chalk and texts. EKG "Experiment Kunst Gesellschaft" Kulturfabrik Wetzikon
- 1'136'073'600 sec.: Performance for big drum and electroacoustic rattle (Kunstszene 91+92 part II) in the shut down pedestrian underpass Escher-Wyss-Platz Zürich
- Zeichen und Signale (1991): Fragments of Zeichen und Signale played on an old Swiss military drum (Tambour). A double performance with two actions of Roman Signer Kunst Kiosk St.Gallen
cosmics vol.1 (1991): Vinyl maxi-single, for DJs.
cosmics: Project of a composition for sound carrier
- Montreal / Kahnawake / Canada: Atelier by the Christoph Merian foundation Basel, IAAB (1989/90)
Untitled: Installation and performance for Big Tape Loop with live electronics, Gallery SKOL Montréal
Powerplay: Installation and performance at Galérie occurrence
Powerplay: Video Production in cooperation with Kaboum Video Productions Montreal
Menschenhauttrommel (Human Skin Drum): Composition on tape with electroacoustic rattle and diverse tape fragments.
Live, Radio McGill Montreal (Christof Migone)
- Monumente Moment: Installation and performance Richard Wagner "Ring des Nibelungen". Knut Remond turntable and sampler, Markus Häberli shredding machine and speech voice. Kulturfabrik Kammgarn Schaffhausen
- "Draht": a steel string, tightened across the factory building and with pick-ups fixed on. With a special bow-like electronical device I developed on the spot.With Norbert Möslang and Andy Guhl at Kulturfabrik Kammgarn Schaffhausen
- Kick that Habit (1989): Film by Peter Liechti, featuring Knut Remond.
- v records:
Joint publications with the label Uhlang Produktion - St.Gallen (Norbert Möslang, Andy Guhl), and Agaric Records - New York (Jim Sauter)
Voice Crack (Trio 1988-97): Knut Remond: big drum, imagineering portable set; Norbert Möslang, Andy Guhl: cracked everyday-electronics
- Drum House: Installation and performance, Galerie Binz39 Zürich
- Desdemona: Performance at Rössli Stäfa. Concert night with Young Gods.
- Triptychon: Composition for 6 kettle drums and 2 timpanists, first performed at Parco di Orselina Locarno (GSAMBA Tessin)
Was ist hinter meinem Rücken passiert (What happened behind my back): performance and live electronics for metal splinters, prepared voice and tape. Schloss Haldenstein Chur
- Vund: Vund is the 3rd movement "Hausmusik Sinfonia in 10 Sätzen". Knut Remond and Markus Häberli, flat of Guy u. Gaby Bettini via b.rusca 1 Locarno 9.4.87. Score-diagram by Knut Remond
- Hausmusik Sinfonia in 10 Sätzen (Hasena and Aquasana): Performances in private flats at 10 different towns in Switzerland
- Die Reise zum Mittelpunkt der Erde: Percussionist and performer in the opera "Die Reise zum Mittelpunkt der Erde"by H. J. Hespos. Premiere Frankfurter Oper
- Untitled: Composition, installation and performance for Big Tape Loop with live electronics. Shedhalle Zürich
- KHWECKIRILIT I, II and III (1984/85), with Peter Trachsel: Khweckirilit I: Kunsthaus Aarau, Vision and Utopia - Khweckirilit II: organized by Fri-Art Fribourg, performance with suitcase drums at Franklin Furnace Gallery New York - Khweckirilit III: by invitation of the Architekturfachklasse Muttenz
Menschenhauttrommel (Human Skin Drum): Composition on tape for live radio play and live performance. Knut Remond electronically controlled skins, Alex Buess blown live electronics.First performance Kulturwerkstatt Kaserne Basel, and live Radio LoRa Zürich
16/17 (1983-94):
Knut Remond drums, Alex Buess alto sax, Markus Kneubühler electr.guitar
UX UnknownmiX (1983-86): Audiovisual concept:
Knut Remond percussion, Ernst Thoma synthesizer, Magda Vogel voice, Hans-Rudolf Lutz visual. 1986 annual grant by the Kanton Zürich
- Musician for the film "Der rechte Weg" by Peter Fischli and David Weiss
- Concerts with Fred Frith, John Zorn, Stephan Wittwer, Arto Lindsay, Tom Cora
- Arts and crafts school Basel, dep. sculpture: Project leader for a semester with Hans Remond and the sculpture class: Making and installing of percussion instruments of diverse materials
- Cooperation with KOPROD Zürich, multimedial community of studios and production, factory premises Seebach.
Koprod: research, experimentations, audio-visual installations, live performance and dance
TV-TOTEM (1982-88):
Knut Remond percussion and electronics, Ernst Thoma synthesizer, live electronics
- Elektrozeug: for small drums with pick-up, controlled by pedals. Kunsthalle Basel
-Cooperation with J.Ch.Ammann, curator Kunsthalle Basel: promotion of contemporary music in the Kunsthalle Basel:
Polyphonie Zürich, Stephan Wittwer electr.guit., Ernst Thoma synt., Alfred Zimmerlin violoncello, Andres Bosshard tape machinery)
king übü örchestrü: Foundation, musicians from Germany, England and Switzerland. Cooperation with Wolfgang Fuchs.
- Cooperation with F.M.P. - Free Music Production Berlin, musicians of West and East Berlin
- Cooperation with East German composer Hans Karsten Raecke
- Zeichen und Signale (Signs and Signals): Paris 19 metro stations with xylophone: a network of interconnection, I interweave myself by the portable xylophone with the urban macrocosm of sounds (1981)
- mixt media (1979-81): Percussionist and performer in the ensemble for contemporary music "mixt media". Director: Hans Wuethrich-Mathez
- "Musikwerkstatt Basel": Foundation of a school for improvized music with Felix Bopp
M.I.T. Musik Interaktion Trio (1978-80): Knut Remond drums, Felix Bopp piano, Alfred Zimmerlin violoncello, Alex Buess alto sax

Concerts + tours:

- M.I.T.: Switzerland, France

- Mixt Media: Switzerland, Germany, Austria

- TV-TOTEM: Switzerland, Germany

- UnknownmiX: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Holland

- 16/17: Switzerland, Germany

- Voice Crack: Switzerland, Germany with the new federal states, France, Czech Republic, Slowakia, Austria, USA, Canada

- Voice Crack+Borbetomagus: Switzerland, USA, Canada

- cosmics ensemble: Switzerland


Total Music Meeting (Berlin)

Tonkünstlerverein (Zofingen)

Jazz Festival Willisau

Z.K.M. Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe

Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville (FIMAV), Canada

Ton Art Kunstmuseum Bern