Compositions and Discography


Poison Melodies, for the Ensemble Phoenix, Basel. 2009

for X_Quartett. 2006
The Cry of the Ancestors, for X_Quartett. 2006

Hochzit va Himmel und Hell
Marriage of Heaven and Hell, for tape, soprano voice, baritone voice and two stilt dancers. 2001-2005

d e e p structure, for electronics and soprano voice. 1996-2004
With texts by Jenny Holzer

Skeleton à gogo, 2000

Physische Körper (Physical Bodies)1999/2000

Herrschafttrümmer, short opera, in progress

Silly, 2000

A little Babylon, 2000

Saut de phases, 1999

War is a, 1999

Spherical, 1999

cowmeditation, cosmics vol.2, 1996
dedicated to Ben Okri

Music to the film "Signers Koffer" by Peter Liechti, 1995

Vund, 1987, 3rd movement of "Hausmusik Sinfonia in 10 Sätzen" (Hasena and Aquasana), with Markus Häberli

Soundtrack to the film "Ratten Charlie" by Lisa Meier, 1986

Menschenhauttrommel (Human Skin Drum), 1985

Triptychon, for 6 kettle drums and 2 timpanists, 1987



CD Knut Remond, d e e p structure, cosmics vol.3 __ v records/2001 (V501)

LP RRR500, 500 LOCK-GROOVES by 500 Artists (with Knut Remond) __ RRRecords (USA)/1998

CD Borbetomagus & Voice Crack, Concerto for Cracked Everyday-Electronics and Chamber Orchestra __
v records/Uhlang/Agaric Records/1997(Ag94,UP09,v4)

CD Voice Crack, Earflash __ Dexter's Cigar (USA)/1996, Drag City (dex4)

CD Knut Remond, cowmeditation, cosmics vol.2 __ v records/1996, distr. Karbon (v3 96)

CD Schaffhauser Jazz-Festival 93 Live (with Voice Crack) __ Prod.SH Jazzfestival;Caritas Schweiz/1993 (CHJazzAid01)

CD State of the Union (Compilation with Voice Crack) __ Prod.Elliott Sharp (USA)/1993 MuWorks Records (MUW1016CD)

Maxi-Single Knut Remond, cosmics vol.1 __ Vision Records/1991, distr. REC REC (Vision31)

CD Voice Crack / Borbetomagus, AsbestosShake __ v records/Agaric Records/Uhlang/1991, distr. REC REC (AG1989,UP08,V2)

LP Voice Crack, Earflash __ v records/Uhlang/1990, distr. REC REC (V1/UP07)

45s boxset: Testament (with Voice Crack) __ RRRecords (USA)/1990

CD 16/17, Gyatso __ Pathological Records (GB)/1994, distr. Pathol.Records (Path12CD)

LP 16/17, When All Else Fails __ Vision Records/1990, distr. REC REC (Vision27)

LP 16/17, 16/17 __ 16/17 /1987, distr. REC REC

LP Opera Death, Minus Delta T __ AtaTak (D) /1987 (AtaTak 820 36-38)

LP UnknownmiX, miX 3 __ REC REC Music/1987, REC REC 18

LP UnknownmiX, Loops __ REC REC Music/1985, REC REC 09

LP UnknownmiX, UX __ UX Records/1984, distr. REC REC

LP WIM-Koprod-Sampler, with TV-TOTEM__unit Records (UTR4020)

LP M.I.T., Knoten __ hat HUT Records/1981, hat HUT Eighteen (1R18)

Knut Remond, Quer Spayen Schlaeger
__ V Tapes/1988, distr. REC REC (V Tapes 001 88)
Knut Remond, Dance Mix __ V Tapes/1989, distr. REC REC (V Tapes 002 89)